Artist's Bio


Anna Achilleos Stäubli was born in Paphos, Cyprus 1958. She lives in Bern, Switzerland and works between Bern and Paphos. She took her first studies at the Cyprus Tourist Guide’s School and soon after became a Trainer of the World Federation of Tourist Guide’s Association - WFTGA.

She studied History of Art, History, Archaeology, Byzantine Art, Fauna and Flora of Cyprus and Geology. Her first steps in art, she took in the year 2000, in Bern, through various art lessons and workshops in Private Institutions. Anna, attended Encaustic Workshops in Bern and Boston, USA.

Inspired by the Sea, Nature, Flowers, Mines, Byzantine Art and her homeland, rich in culture, history and archaeology, and through her own personal evolution, she produces works in Acrylics - Mixed Media, oil and Encaustic.

Anna creates paintings with Acrylics particularly when she needs to express herself on a bigger scale. She likes to spread herself on large canvasses using newspapers, pigments and mixed media evoking the forever history of primordial and pre existing history of events. Sparkled by the Art of Encaustic, in the portraits of Fayum and early Byzantine icons, Anna, has, in the last two decades, immersed herself in the creation of encaustic pieces of art.

The translucency of wax and Pigments applied layer by layer and fused by fire, gives depth to colour and form and sets the stage for spiritual voyages. The fluidity of the wax and the use of fire, are elements that most appeal to the artist revealing an inner fire for creation. Her works have been acquired by Museums, public and private collections in Cyprus, Greece and Switzerland.



2017 “Sensations Imprimées“ Gallery Genesis, Athens - Greece


2017 - “Salon d’ Autumn International” - Cyprus, Pafos 2017 European Cultural City

2017 - “Remember”, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens - Greece

2017 - “Nikos Kazantzakis - Places”, IANOS Art Gallery - Athens - Greece
Historical Museum, Aegina - Greece

2017 - “Eros - Iros”, Museum of Visual Arts, Heraklion - Crete - Greece
Hellenic Cosmos Museum and Cultural Centre, Athens - Greece

2016 - “The Case of Kapodistrias”, National Art Gallery Vouleftikon - Nafplio - Greece
National Historical Museum, Athens - Greece Historical Museum, Larissa - Greece

2016 - “27 + 27”, Egina Aegina Art Gallery, Aegina - Greece

2015 - “3 Positionen“, Gallerie 25, Bern - Switzerland

2015 - “Schiffe und Wasser”, Gallerie 25, Bern - Switzerland